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3 Tips To Better Indoor Air Quality in Charlotte

So you’re concerned about the air quality inside your Charlotte home? Here are some tips from our professional Charlotte air conditioning contractors you’ll want to know. Chad Love Services wants you to have a better quality of life all the way around with good indoor air to breathe. For affordable services related to improving indoor air quality in Charlotte, NC, you can count on our team. Keep reading to learn more, or call our team now for duct cleaning in Charlotte to improve your home’s air quality!

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Problems Caused by Poor Indoor Air Quality

Allergies & Asthma

While your indoor air quality doesn’t cause your allergies or asthma, it can make them worse. If you have a lot of dust, debris, or mold in your air, it can make it harder to breathe. When you feel like your allergies or asthma are worse at home and there’s not another explanation, it’s time to have your indoor air quality checked.

Frequent or Chronic Illness

Do you feel like you are sick all the time? Do you get mysterious sinus infections or other respiratory infections and you’re not sure why? If all or most of the people who live in your house are frequently sick, the air quality might be the explanation behind all of your illness. Certain types of mold or bacteria can get in your system and cause these infections.

Bad Odors

Does your home smell bad? Do you frequently smell something “off” in your home and you’re not sure what it is or where it’s coming from? If it happens regularly and you can’t find another cause, it could be your indoor air quality.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Now that we understand common issues surrounding poor air quality, let’s consider the following tips when you are thinking about how you can effectively and affordably clean up the air inside your Charlotte home.

Whole Home Air Cleaners in Charlotte

Instead of getting portable air cleaners for your Charlotte home, it’s much more effective to have a whole home air cleaner installed. When you only have a portable air purifier, you have to take it from room to room or have one in every room. These systems require filters that can be quite expensive if you need them for every room. Also, they can only clean one room at a time, and usually not a large room. When the air from other rooms of your home gets circulated with the air you just clean, it turns out to be quite useless.

A whole home air cleaner, on the other hand, will very effectively serve your entire home when installed correctly. You’ll have less expense on keeping air filters changed as they don’t have to be changed anywhere near as often. With a whole home air cleaner, you are cleaning the indoor air in all your rooms automatically at the same time. This is truly a great solution to improving indoor air quality in Charlotte, NC easily.

Use Humidifiers

As with the whole home air cleaners, the whole home humidifiers serve your entire home with automatic humidity adjustment to give you perfectly balanced moisture inside your Charlotte home. Both types of air quality solutions are installed directly onto your existing HVAC system by professionals so there’s no need to carry them around from room to room. These humidifiers need much less water filling and maintenance to keep them sanitized.

Get Charlotte Duct Cleaning Services Regularly

Another solution for better indoor air quality is a thorough air duct cleaning in Charlotte every other year at least. This maintenance task is very important for getting better indoor air quality all year round. While getting an air cleaner and controlling the humidity levels in your home is vital for healthy, comfortable air, without duct cleaning in Charlotte you are just recontaminating the air and making your air cleaner work harder. You’ll never have cleaner air if your HVAC system’s duct work is filthy!

Plus, dirty air takes time to keep clean. In the mean time the dirt and pollutants will infiltrate your mechanical HVAC system, coating the parts and making the whole system weak. Dirty heating or air conditioning systems don’t last as long and need more often repairs.

With the combination of these three indoor air quality solutions, your home will have healthier and more comfortable indoor air at all times in your Charlotte area home. For indoor air quality testing, call us at Chad Love Services, our local HVAC professionals can help you find the best solution for you home in Charlotte, or the surrounding areas.

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