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Expert Furnace Repair in Charlotte, NC

Chad Love Services is the name to remember for reliable, affordable furnace repairs in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. Since we began our business in 2012, we have served our customers with expertise and upfront, affordable rates for heating services. We work hard for our customers to ensure they have the proper furnace repairs done so they don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable in the cold.

If your furnace hasn’t been serviced in some time, it’s important to not delay calling a Charlotte furnace repairs and maintenance professional. Even if you think the problem with your furnace is minor, the problem you’ll face is that minor repairs can take down the whole system, especially on older heating systems.

Your furnace is an enclosed structure with machinery that has hundreds of moving parts withing. It is fueled by either electricity, oil or gas. This means it requires regular care and maintenance in order to correctly function. With gas or oil furnaces, there are other important services you need, such as leak detection.

Putting off the need for furnace repairs in Charlotte not only compromises the condition of your unit and its ability to work, but also can be dangerous to your home’s structure and your family’s safety. Eventually, if left in ill repair, the system will shut down completely. Worn parts wear down other parts. This only speeds the need for complete furnace replacement, and requires more energy for the furnace to run.

Prompt & Reliable Furnace Repairs in Charlotte, NC

There is a huge variety of possible things that it could be wrong with your furnace, which means you need a professional Charlotte furnace repair contractor with the experience and training to correctly diagnose the cause of the problems. When it comes to concerns with your furnace repairs, they could involve the wiring, distribution fan system, thermostat and air ducts, leaks, and more. Some of the warning signs that should alert you to possible problems include (but are not restricted to):

  •  The furnace light isn’t blue
  •  Energy costs increasing
  •  Amount of air coming out on forced air systems
  •  Quality of heat for your home
  •  Strange noises coming from your furnace

The sooner you address the need you have for repairing your furnace the better chance you will have extending the life. At Chad Love Services we are known for our high standards for customer service and quality workmanship. Let us be the team you trust in for all of your furnace repairs in Charlotte or the surrounding areas.

24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair Charlotte, NC

Do you have a heating emergency? Has your furnace stopped working in the dead of a cold winter day and you don’t have heat? Don’t worry. Pick up the phone and call our Charlotte heating services team. Chad Love Services is available around the clock for your emergency furnace repairs. Our heating contractors in Charlotte, NC are on call to get you warm and comfortable again in your home quickly.

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