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With Chad Love Services you can expect:

  •  Free HVAC Estimates
  •  Upfront Prices
  •  24/7 Emergency HVAC Service
  •  Years of Industry Experience
  •  Reliable HVAC System Service
  •  Courteous, Respectful HVAC Contractors

Give us a call today (704) 793-1099 for heating and air conditioning repairs, installation, or hvac system tune-ups in Huntersville, NC.

HVAC Huntersville, NC

Chad Love Services know you need peace of mind when you call for HVAC repair in Huntersville, NC or other HVAC services. We are licensed, experienced, trained on all makes and models of residential heating and air conditioning equipment, and we are fully insured so you don’t have to worry. Plus, we provide our Huntersville air conditioning and heating contractors with all the tools they need, having the latest technologies, fully stocked service vans, and more to ensure they can do quick diagnosis and repairs.

Whether you have a central heating and air conditioning system, heat pump, gas or oil fueled furnace, or some other type of indoor comfort system that needs service, Chad Love Services is the name to remember for Huntersville HVAC repairs, replacements, and new installations.

Emergency AC Repair Huntersville, NC

Having to live in an uncomfortable environment isn’t necessary because you shouldn’t have to suffer when you can call our experts in AC repair in Huntersville, NC. You’ll Chad Love our quick and expert diagnosis, upfront prices, honesty, and affordability for your 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair needs. We’ll be there in a flash with the right tools and fully stocked service vans to be as prepared as possible to address your air conditioning repairs in Huntersville, NC. Any time of day or night you need help with your cooling system, you can count on the Huntersville air conditioning repairs team at Chad Love Services.

Furnace Repair Huntersville NC

If you need furnace repair in Huntersville, NC, call Chad Love Services first. We’ll get to you quickly, answering your call of, “Fix my furnace!” We’ll talk to you to find out what you’ve been experiencing with your furnace, then take a look and find out why your furnace is not working. When we know that, we’ll get started on your repair right away.

We’d be happy to do your heating/furnace repair in Huntersville if the unit is completely broken. We also work on the following problems:

  • Your furnace makes unusual sounds.
  • Your furnace isn’t heating well, even if it seems like it is working fine.
  • Your furnace blows lukewarm air.
  • Your furnace turns off and on rapidly.
  • Your furnace won’t turn off at all. 

In fact, call us whenever you have a furnace question. We’ll get it answered so you can get on with your life. Or call now for expert furnace repair in Huntersville, NC!

Air Quality Service & Duct Cleaning Huntersville, NC

AC repair Huntersville NC

Whole home air cleaners in Huntersville, NC are vital to keep your indoor air unpolluted. The air inside our homes is often much dirtier than the outside, though that’s hard to believe. The problem is that pollutants get trapped inside and are continually circulated throughout the home over and over again. A quality air cleaner that serves the whole home can effectively clean up the air inside. Many think that the AC or forced air heating system filters out the air. The truth is that the common air filters only keep larger particles from damaging your HVAC system equipment and do little to nothing to remove contaminants and pollutants.

Unfortunately, when we are affected by bad air on a continual basis, it ends up affecting our health and general well-being. If you suffer from headaches, earaches, sinus problems or breathing problems, it’s a good idea to call a professional air conditioning technician to come and evaluate your air quality and offer you good air cleaners that give you a better quality of life with your heating & cooling.

Our air quality services include whole home air cleaners, automatic humidifiers & dehumidifiers, tune ups, and duct cleaning in Huntersville which consist of cleaning of specific parts of your HVAC system. There’s no better way to have good indoor air quality than by calling in our expert Air Cleaner contractors at Chad Love Services.

Extra Huntersville NC Heating & Cooling Services

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 Huntersville Heater Installation & Replacement
 Huntersville Furnace Installation & Replacement
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Electricities Huntersville

Your electrician in Huntersville from Chad Love Services will help you make repairs, install new features to your home, or assess your electrical system and let you know how it’s working. We are happy to help with any electrical tasks you might have, from troubleshooting and/or moving switches and outlets to installing new lights or making your patio perfect for outdoor living. 

We’ll work with you to get your electricity working just the way you need it to. Call us for electricities in Huntersville today to get your project started soon!

Still looking for a reliable electric, heating, or cooling company in Huntersville? Give Chad Love Services a call at (704) 793-1099 and experience Huntersville’s most trusted electric and HVAC experts! We are proud to serve Huntersville North Carolina and can dispatch a heating & cooling technician at your convenience.

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