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Charlotte Air Cleaners For Better Indoor Air

The air outside your home is filtered through sunlight, rain and all of mother nature’s natural filters. Even with the addition of air pollution coming from cars, industrial plants and other factors, the air outside our Charlotte, NC homes is surprisingly healthier than the air inside our homes! You may not believe this but it’s true because homes today are constructed better than those in the past, with fewer leaking spaces. But the quality of air inside our homes could really be improved with professionally installed air cleaners in Charlotte, NC.

The majority of air in your home is recycled through your Charlotte air conditioning and heating systems over and over, but it does not get cleaned unless we install air purifiers, air cleaners, air filtration systems, or other indoor air quality equipment that promotes clean, healthy air inside the home.

Whole House Air Cleaners for Charlotte Homeowners

A whole house air cleaner from Chad Love Services can remove up to 99.8% of allergens, dust, viruses, and pollutants when installed by our Charlotte indoor air quality contractors. We also have a variety of other products available to help you improve your Charlotte home’s indoor air quality including air purifiers, air filtration systems, ultraviolet light treatments, and whole home humidifiers & dehumidifiers that work automatically.

Filter Types For Better Charlotte Indoor Air Quality:

  • HEPA Whole House Filters
  • Carbon Air Purifiers
  • Electrostatic Filters
  • Standard Cloth Air Filters
  • Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers
  • Ionic Air Purifiers
  • Ozone Air Purifiers

Optimum Air Purification: Ultra Violet Air Treatment

When installed on your heating and air conditioning system, an Ultraviolet (UV) Air Treatment System zaps live airborne particles and germs passing by the UV lamp. This makes sure that they don’t survive in your duct work and then move into your home’s air every time the heating or cooling system turns on. The shortwave lights are similar to those that have been used in hospitals, pharmacies and professional kitchens for nearly 50 years to promote clean, healthy air! This is one of the best air purification methods available when it comes to Charlotte air cleaners.

For more information and services for improving the air inside your home, contact our Charlotte indoor air quality experts today. Chad Love Services is happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about our services and products as well as to discuss your indoor air quality needs. Call today and learn more about our products or get estimates on available air cleaners in Charlotte, NC.

Why Hire Us for Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Charlotte

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