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5 Signs Your AC Needs Maintenance This Spring

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to make sure your air conditioning unit is in tip-top shape, so it can provide your household with the cooling that you’ll need on the hottest days of the season. It can get extremely warm and humid in the region around Concord, NC, so you won’t want to be without the services of your cooling system for any length of time.

To make sure your unit is ready for summer, contact Chad Love Services today, and setup an appointment to have your air conditioner inspected and serviced, so that you don’t get any nasty surprises when those scorching hot days of summer swoop down on you. Although it’s best to get into the habit of periodically servicing your cooling system to ensure that it’s performing up to manufacturer’s specs, there are some signs you can look for that will serve as red flags that you should have your cooling system serviced right away.

Sudden increase in utility bills

If you notice a sudden increase in your utility bills, that’s a sure sign that your air-conditioner is drawing more energy than it normally should be. When that happens, it means that your system is working a lot harder than it’s supposed to, and that there’s probably something out of whack on your air conditioner.

Any unit which has to draw more energy to meet the demands of cooling requirements probably needs servicing right away, unless you’re in the midst of a particularly hot spell of weather, and the increased cooling demands are explainable. If everything regarding weather and household demand is roughly the same, but your utility bills are steadily rising, that’s an indication that something may be amiss with your air-conditioning system, and you should have it checked out right away.

Unusual noises from your air-conditioning unit

Probably the most common noises which are out of the ordinary, are a humming noise, a buzzing noise, or a whistling sound which is discernible at a high pitch. When you hear this high-pitched whistling, that is very frequently the result of some kind of blockage with airflow, possibly clogged ducts. The noise is produced as the air-conditioning unit attempts to push the air past the blockage.

When you hear a humming sound coming from your air-conditioning unit, that might possibly be an indication that the motor is starting to fail on your cooling system, or that internal capacitors are beginning to fail. The buzzing sound is often due to blades which have been damaged, and aren’t operating nearly as smoothly as they should be. When you hear any of these abnormal sounds coming from your air-conditioning system, you should make note of it, and contact your technician at Chad Love Services as soon as possible.

Constantly turning on and off

There are a couple reasons why your air-conditioning unit might turn on and off frequently. The most likely reason is that there is some kind of failure with your thermostat, and your cooling system is trying to compensate for it by frequently starting. It’s also possible that your air-conditioning unit was originally sized too small for your household’s cooling demands, and the unit has to work extra hard to supply cooled and conditioned air to the entire house.

Numerous repairs

Homeowners who notice numerous repairs are necessary with their air-conditioning units have generally had them installed for several years. Newer units tend to last for quite a while before any parts failures or any general system failures occur. This is not the case with older systems however, and the older the unit, the more frequent are the necessary repairs.

When you get to the point where repairs are necessary more or less constantly, it’s an indication that the entire system is close to the point of failure, and your air conditioner needs to be replaced. When you observe this situation in progress, contact your Charlotte, NC experts at Chad Love Services, to discuss the installation of a new, high-efficiency unit.

Moisture or leaks around the unit

If you notice water accumulating near your air-conditioning system, it’s possible that your unit’s refrigerant is leaking out. This is a problem that should be repaired immediately before it gets worse. Even if you can identify the source of the leak, you should contact a qualified technician as soon as possible to have the unit investigated.

When To Schedule Air Conditioning Tune Ups

It’s important to keep our home’s air conditioning working well. For it to work well, it needs a seasonal tune up before switching over from heating to cooling, or vise versa.

Having your HVAC equipment thoroughly cleaned, adjusted, and tested during a professional tune up ensures it’s working great for the new season and that it works as efficiently as it should. Be sure you schedule your Charlotte ac tune up prior to the warm season and make sure any necessary repairs are done in a timely manner so you get the most from your equipment.

Our Preventative Maintenance In Charlotte

At Chad Love Services, our highly skilled HVAC contractors are here for you when you need us for seasonal air conditioning tune ups in Charlotte. Our skilled technicians work on all makes and models of HVAC systems. We also provide emergency AC service, installations, and a full line of other services.

Our comfort specialists will make sure you have the best in comfort, energy efficiency, and long-lasting heating and air conditioning equipment. You’ll have quality workmanship, fast troubleshooting, and excellent customer service. Whether you need repairs, replacement, or new installations, we want to be your go-to team. Be sure you ask about our current specials!

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