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Broken Furnace During Winter? Here's What to Do

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When you turn on your furnace, you expect that warm air to start blowing right away. If it doesn’t, it’s easy to panic. After all, no one wants to call for an emergency heating repair in Charlotte, NC, or even for a furnace replacement.

Here’s what to do when your heater stops working! And if you do need that heating repair in Charlotte, you can always call us at Chad Love Services for help from friendly professionals.

Check the Gas

First, check the gas connected to your furnace. Make sure it’s still turned on and that it seems to be flowing as needed. If it’s flowing but the heater isn’t working, turn it off just to be safe. Remember to tell any Charlotte heating technician who comes that you shut it down.

Is it Truly Broken?

Before you decide that you need a heating repair in Charlotte, make sure the furnace is actually broken. Ensure that the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, that the filter is clean, and that no one accidentally turned it off. You should also check your thermostat, both to see if the settings are right and to make sure it is communicating with the furnace.

Bring in Pros…Fast!

If everything seems like it is in place for your furnace to work well and it’s still not, call us at Chad Love Services. We’ll help you with your furnace repair in Charlotte fast, so you don’t get chilly at home and so your pipes don’t freeze.

Choose Repair or Replacement

You may need to choose between a furnace repair or a new furnace installation in Charlotte. Our team will help you find the solutions you need, no matter what those are. If your furnace is over 15 years old or if repair costs at least 50% of what a furnace replacement would cost, you might want to get a new unit.

Get the Best Furnace Replacement

If you choose a new furnace installation in Charlotte, we’ll help you choose the best new unit for your needs. We’ll make sure you get a new furnace that suits your home and the way you use your heater.

Professional Heating Repair Charlotte

At Chad Love Services, we are here for you. Our Charlotte HVAC contractors will help you get a new furnace or complete your emergency heating repair in Charlotte, NC fast. Call now so one of our technicians can help you get warm again soon!

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