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Causes of AC Refrigerant Leaks

Are you struggling with your air conditioning in Charlotte NC? The issue could be a refrigerant leak that’s making it impossible to stay cool and enjoy your home. A professional should handle a refrigerant leak because there are numerous symptoms and causes. Waiting too long for service could lead to higher energy bills and a problem that just gets bigger.

Call the team at Chad Love Services to take a look at the problem and restore your AC. We also offer AC tune-ups in Charlotte, NC to keep your system working smoothly. You can also learn more about AC refrigerant leaks and what to watch for to keep your home cool, comfortable, and safe.

What is Refrigerant?

AC refrigerant is a type of chemical compound that takes the hot air from your environment and turns it into cool air. Ideally, a closed-loop system sustains the refrigerant without the need for refilling. Some systems will need a Freon replacement every few years. 

Refrigerant is safe for use in your air conditioner, but if it leaks, it can wreak havoc on your AC and the comfort of your home and could potentially cause health issues. When handled improperly, refrigerant is toxic and needs immediate intervention from a professional HVAC technician. The team at Chad Love Services also offers emergency AC repair in Charlotte.

What Are the Signs of an AC Refrigerant Leak?

It’s usually easy to tell if you have a refrigerant issue in your air conditioning. Here are the signs to watch out for:

It’s Taking a Long Time to Cool Your Home

When your home takes forever to cool or you barely have relief, your AC loses its cooling power. You have a refrigerant leak that needs to be addressed before it gets any worse.

Your Home Has High Humidity

A hot, sticky home is miserable to live in, let alone try to relax and enjoy after a long day. When refrigerant leaks, your AC fails to remove the humidity and will make your home feel uncomfortable.

You Have Increased Electric Costs

Sudden, unexplained spikes in a power bill are a sign that your AC isn’t cooling your home effectively. As a result, your AC is working overtime to cool everything down to the desired temperature you need. 

Your Evaporator Coil Is Frozen

Evaporator coils can freeze for a variety of reasons, including a refrigerant problem. When there’s not enough refrigerant, condensation forms in the coil and can cause ice. Over time, the ice can melt and cause a watery puddle outside of your unit. 

You Hear Hissing Noises

When your air conditioner has a hole or crack that’s leaking refrigerant, it’s not unusual to hear a hissing sound. Gurgling could indicate a larger leak that requires immediate attention.

What Causes an AC Refrigerant Leak?

Refrigerant leaks can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Gradual weakening and wear and tear in your AC’s connections and joints
  • Manufacturer defects that may be covered under warranty 
  • Corrosion to copper tubing and other components on the inside of your AC
  • Ongoing wear and tear from running your AC
  • Incorrect installation or size of your air conditioner
  • Leaky HVAC ducts and poor fittings

The only way to know for sure if you have a refrigerant leak and need a Charlotte AC repair is to call a professional. Schedule an appointment with Chad Love Services today to assess what’s going on, come up with a plan, and go over your plans to get you the reliable service you deserve.

Call Chad Love Services for AC Repair in Charlotte NC 

Whether you suspect you have a refrigerant leak or need to have your system checked, we’re here to help. Chad Love Services works on all types of air conditioning repairs, installations, and replacements. Or get in touch to schedule your AC tune up in Charlotte, NC. Give us a call today!

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