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Choosing the Right Charlotte Heating Installation Contractor

When you are needing to install a new heat pump, you’ll be looking for a local Charlotte heating installation contractor to get the job done for you. There will be many factors involved in the installation from fitting the right sized heat pump to take care of your unique square footage and layout, to designing the type of equipment, where it will be installed, and the layout and installation of the duct work. You want to be sure the Charlotte heating contractor has the expertise to get the heat pump installation done correctly because there are consequences you don’t want to have to deal with when it’s done wrong.

Chad Love Services wants you to have a great heating system installation with the right equipment so you are comfortable in your home. Here are a few main points for you to learn about when you need to find a Charlotte heat pump installation contractor. Whether you choose our experts or someone else, we want you to have the best heating installation possible, so keep the following things in mind.

Choose A Reputable, Local Heating Contractor in Charlotte

It’s important to find a heat pump installation company that has been in the area long enough to build a good reputation for expert work, affordable prices, and first rate customer service. They should stand behind the manufacturer’s warranty and the work they do on the heating installation in Charlotte, NC.

Be sure to check the BBB rating and any guarantees your local heating contractor may have. The Better Business Bureau will list any past complaints from customers. Also check to see their reputation is good on online contractor lists such as Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor.

Ask your potential Charlotte heating installation contractor for at least three references you can call to verify customer satisfaction locally.

Properly Licensed & Insured Heat Pump Installation Pros

Always ask your Charlotte heating installation contractor if they are licensed by the state of North Carolina. They should be covered under insurance as well. Ask for proof and make sure the dates listed are currently in effect. See to it that they can work with any make or model you prefer, because not all do. And, they need to be able to work with gas or oil fueled systems which takes specific training and certification.

Make Sure They Protect Your Home & Assets While Working

There can be a huge mess to clean up during a new heating system installation or heat pump replacement. Your Charlotte heating contractor should do all they can to protect your flooring and furnishings from chemical spill or stains. They should wear protective covers for their shoes. And they should always clean up afterward, leaving your home as it was before they arrived.

The Charlotte heating installation contractor you choose needs to be there for you in the event something goes wrong from the installation, later down the line. They should act as a go-between between you and the manufacturer for replacing failed parts under warranty. They should also be eager to fix any mistakes they may have made during installation. All in all, you need to be completely happy and satisfied with no problems to deal with after a heat pump installation!

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