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How to Get the Most From Your Charlotte Air Conditioning System

At Chad Love Services, we want to educate you on some things you can do to get more from your Charlotte air conditioning System. There are ways you can get the most from your air conditioning system which help you save on energy costs as well as the need for air conditioning repairs in Charlotte, NC. It could even help you avoid needing to replace your air conditioner sooner than expected. Our professional Charlotte air conditioning contractors want you to have a reliable cooling system you can count on to last and to make you as comfortable as possible in your Charlotte home.

Many homeowners wait until the day they notice no cool air coming from the air conditioning vents to call a company for AC service in Charlotte. Unfortunately, most often this is during the hot days of summer, when this machine is most needed. Commonly, the homeowner will try to put the settings to the highest level, hoping it will make the air conditioning system better. But this just doesn’t work. Often, the coils will freeze up or the machine just breaks down because it tries to respond to your request for cooler air. Then you know it’s time for Charlotte air conditioner repairs so you finally call in a local air conditioning contractor.

Charlotte Air Conditioning Tune Ups Save You Money

You can avoid more extensive problems with your cooling system if you understand some basic facts about air conditioners and how to properly maintain them. Inside your Charlotte home is the evaporator of the air conditioning unit. This is where the cool air is generated. In front of the evaporator, there is an air filter. The air filter will filter out larger dust and other particles from the air before the air enters the unit. This is NOT an air cleaner for your home, but does help to keep the machinery cleaner.

The most basic air conditioning maintenance you can do is to clean or replace the filter regularly. How often you should do this simple maintenance depends on how often the unit is used and how dirty your indoor air is. Generally, replacing the filter should be done on a monthly basis. Filters that can be cleaned and reused also require monthly attention. It is best to consult the air conditioning system’s manual to see if there are special instructions you may need to follow.

Our Chad Love Services professional Charlotte air conditioning contractors also recommend ensuring there are no obstructions in the ventilation system. Any blockage to this flow will result in a decreased performance leading to air not being cooled and even icing of the evaporator coils. Duct cleaning twice a year will not only remove any dust and goo buildup in the path of your cool air, but can also sanitize them.

On the outside of your home, the condenser and compressor work together to pump refrigerant throughout throughout the system. If there are leaks, you will not have cool air. Checking and cleaning the condenser and the entire air conditioning system should only be done by professional Charlotte air conditioning service providers. This is specific work normally done during an air conditioning tune up.

Having a regular tune up on your air conditioning system yearly just before the warm season starts is important. This preventative measure ensures you know exactly what is going on with your air conditioner and that it will be in the best shape to cool your home. Keeping your AC unit in good shape brings you many benefits. Call Chad Love Services today to learn more about our AC services or to schedule an air conditioning tune up in Charlotte, NC for your home’s system.

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