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Do you know or suspect that some of the wiring in your home may be faulty? Since bad wiring can cause electric shock and house fires, it’s important that you call in a professional right away.

At Chad Love Services, our Charlotte electricians have solved all sorts of wiring problems, and they are ready and willing to handle yours, too. We’ll make the electrical wiring in your home safe again!

Signs of Bad Wiring

Sometimes, we find wiring problems during the course of a routine electrical repair or installation. Our Charlotte electricians are highly trained, so they know what faulty wiring looks like. If they find it, they’ll bring it to your attention and let you know what needs to be done to make your home safe again.

There are other ways that bad wiring can make itself known if you know what to look for. Here are some of the top signs that your wiring needs some work.

Outlet problems. If an outlet suddenly goes out, or it starts to buzz when you use it, gets
char marks on the outside, or gets hot, it’s time to call an electrician. These are all signs
that something has gone wrong with the wiring by that outlet.
Lights that dim or flicker. Most lights don’t draw much power, so there’s no cause for
them to dim or flicker on their own. Sometimes, there is faulty wiring in the fixture or near
it. Other times, large appliances that draw a lot of power are installed on the same
circuit, so there isn’t enough power for the light to function well. No matter what the
problem is, we’ll get it fixed so your lights work the way they should.
Sparking. If you see sparks from a breaker panel, a fuse box, or an outlet, call in an
electrician as soon as possible. This is an indication of a significant problem and you
want to avoid shock and fire.
You’re always changing fuses or flipping breakers. Everyone has a fuse blow or a
breaker flip here and there. It’s what they’re there for. If, however, you feel like you go to
the fuse box every day or several times a week, it’s time to have your wiring examined.
This is especially true when the same breaker or fuse seems to be a consistent problem.
Burning smells. If you smell something burning every time you use a particular outlet or
circuit, call in a professional to have that examined. The burning smell is an indication
that something is getting too hot. If this goes on long enough, you could have a fire in
your home.

Call A Reliable Charlotte Electrician

Whether you need an outlet rewired or all of the electrical wiring in your home replaced, our experienced
electricians know how to get the job done well. They’ll assess your needs, write you a quote,
and get the work started as soon as possible. Pretty soon, your home electricity will function as it always
should have and you will be able to sleep well again, knowing that you are safe and sound. At Chad Love Services we are the trusted electrical service company in Charlotte, give us a call today!

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