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How to Clean an Air Conditioner

A fresh air conditioner filter.

Did you know that cleaning out your air conditioner can help keep it running well and save you money too? It’s true. It might even keep you cool this summer.

At Chad Love Services, we can help you clean and maintain your air conditioner. If you want to take on part of this job yourself, you can clean the unit without our help. Here’s what you need to know about how to clean an air conditioner to help you get the job done well. 

How to Clean an Outdoor Air Conditioner

Start by removing the outer casing of your air conditioner. Usually, there are just a few screws.

Once that is off, it’s time to learn how to clean air conditioner coils. Vacuum them off with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner, then spray them with AC cleaner. Leave the cleaner on for the amount of time prescribed on the bottle, then wipe it off gently. It should bring dust and debris from your coils with it.

You may want to wipe off as much of the AC as you can, just to remove dust. 

How to Clean an Air Conditioner Filter

Making sure your air conditioner has a clean filter is part of keeping it clean and working efficiently. Instead of cleaning the filter, most air conditioners require that you change it every 1-6 months, depending on how much you use your air conditioner and how much dust and debris is in your air. 

Make sure you purchase a filter that is the right size and shape for your air conditioner and that you install it correctly, as outlined in your manual. Most of the time, changing the filter is relatively easy, though you may need to remove a panel or something in order to access it. If you’re at all unsure, get a professional to show you how to do it the first time. After that, you can take over.

Call us at Chad Love Services if you need help with your air conditioner filter or you don’t feel confident about cleaning your own unit. You can also call us for comprehensive AC maintenance, which includes testing each component of your air conditioner and a visual inspection of your whole AC system. We’ll let you know if we find any problems and get them fixed fast, so you don’t have to worry anymore.

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