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Reasons To Consider Upgrading To A Heat Pump

Heat pumps in Charlotte, NC offer an exciting opportunity to try a new kind of heater. They have many advantages, even though most homeowners don’t know that they exist. Call us at Chad Love Services anytime you need heat pump services or if you have questions about these systems.

Are you considering a heat pump installation in Charlotte? Here are the benefits you should know about before you consider heat pumps.

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Increased Efficiency

Heat pumps can both heat and cool your home more efficiently. They have the highest SEER ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) possible, though the best-rated systems do cost the most upfront. Even an average system should save you money, though, because heat pumps work more efficiently than traditional heaters.

Less System Wear and Tear

Heat pumps contain a thermostatic expansion valve that adjusts the amount of refrigerant in the system based on the outdoor temperature. It makes sure the system has enough refrigerant all the time, so it can always work efficiently and prevent problems that occur when a system routinely has to work too hard. Waste less time and money on unecessary AC repair in Charlotte. That said, call Chad Love any time you need fast and reliable heat pump repair in Charlotte, NC.

Better Heating and Cooling in Charlotte, NC

Choose a heat pump the next time you do a heating installation in Charlotte if you want better heating and cooling throughout your entire house. Heat pumps rely on a variable speed blower. This can run at low levels all the time so your home doesn’t get to the right temperature, then heat or cool too much before the system kicks back on.

A Variable-Stage Compressor

A variable-stage compressor also helps heat pumps work both efficiently and well. This part means that your system has more choices than just “off” and “on”. Instead, it can run at a wide variety of percentages based on the outdoor temperature, the indoor temperature, local wind speed, and other factors. If your home doesn’t need your heat or AC to run at full speed, you don’t have to pay for it to do so.

Get A Heat Pump In Charlotte

At Chad Love Services, we will get you the heat pump in Charlotte that you need or want. We can also repair your heat pump or maintain it since we offer a wide variety of heat pump services. Call now to get on our schedule soon for heat pump services, and one of our experienced technicians will be at your door shortly. We won’t rest until your home is at the right temperature once again.

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