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Signs You Need Heating Repairs In Charlotte

There are often warning signs to look for which mean your heating system needs repairs. There’s nothing worse than finding out suddenly that you have to replace the heater. You should have been warned of malfunction before it shuts down for good, but sometimes the indications of an imminent breakdown aren’t recognized unless you know what to look for.

This is why it’s so important to have maintenance and tune-ups done on your heating system by a Charlotte heating repair technician. At a minimum, the benefits are that you’ll know what to expect from it and how long it should last. At best, you’ll find out what needs to be fixed before a shut down catches you by surprise.

If a furnace replacement is needed, your heating contractor will let you know. Most will offer an inspection which details the system’s current condition. This is very helpful information. Here are some warning signs that you need heating repairs.

Heating Bills Are Abnormally High

Sure, the heating bill will vary from day to day and month to month. If you have a new heating system or you just moved in, it can be hard to determine what is normal. If you recently moved in, most electric or gas companies are willing to tell you what the bills have been like at that location over the past year.

If you know your home and your heating system and notice a jump in the heating bill, the furnace or heat pump could be the reason. This can add up over the months, so be sure you have your heating system checked out by a professional. If heating repairs are needed, at least you’ll know what the problem is.

The Heater Short Cycles

Short cycling simply means that it’s hard for your furnace to stay on after being turned on. Generally, this problem is most often caused by the thermostat, a dead battery in the thermostat, a bad fan control, wrong sized heating unit, or a dirty air filter. Call your Charlotte heating repair contractor to troubleshoot the cause.

Call For Heating Repairs If There’s A Yellow Pilot Light On The Furnace

The pilot light on any gas heating system should remain blue. A pilot light will change to yellow if the furnace isn’t getting the right amount of oxygen. A yellow flame means the gas system is having a problem. The furnace thermo couple won’t heat up enough and the furnace won’t burn as hot if the flame is yellow. The pilot light’s air intake valve may need to be cleaned. This can usually be fixed by a professional Charlotte heating contractor.

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