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Spring Cleaning: HVAC Maintenance is a Must

With springtime just around the corner, now’s the time to start planning for your spring cleaning. Part of your spring cleaning efforts should include maintenance for each of your HVAC systems, to ensure that they’re ready to go when you need them, and that they are operating at their best (and so you can avoid unecessary AC repair in Charlotte or Concord, NC).

By having your air conditioning system maintained in the springtime, you’ll have peace of mind about its performance during the upcoming summer, and you can be at least somewhat confident that it will be in tip-top shape when you need it.In addition to the confidence factor, there are number of other benefits to having your Metrolina HVAC systems serviced in the springtime.

To be sure your Metrolina comfort systems are all in good working order, you should contact your service representative at Chad Love Services to schedule an appointment for expert servicing. When one of our qualified and well trained technicians visits your home, you’ll know that all following advantages will be achievable during the coming summer, and that your HVAC system can be relied upon.

Greater efficiency

You might not think about the efficiency of your air conditioning system very much, unless it’s not operating very well or it’s broken down altogether. However, an efficient air conditioning system will always operate much better than one which has not been serviced, and it will probably save you money on utility bills because it’s operating at close to the manufacturer’s specifications.

During servicing, any worn out parts will be replaced, moving parts will be lubricated properly, filters will be either cleaned or replaced, and any dirt or debris will be removed from the system. You might be surprised to find out how much foreign material can accumulate in your Charlotte HVAC unit after a full season of use, and regular servicing will eliminate all this. In addition, an operating test will discover whether there are any issues which need to be addressed, before they become major problems during the period of more intense usage.

Reduced energy expenses

It’s a simple fact of life that an efficiently running HVAC system doesn’t require as much energy to run as does a system which is operating at lower efficiency. A system which is not operating at its best has to work harder to keep your household cool, or in the wintertime to keep it warm, and when a system has to work hard, it always draws more energy.If you’re not prepared to go out and buy a high-efficiency HVAC unit, you can accomplish nearly the same thing by ensuring that it’s in great working order, so that your monthly expenses can be kept to a minimum. It’s also worth noting that a more efficient HVAC unit is much friendlier to the environment than one which is struggling to operate.

Regular servicing keeps your HVAC unit in great shape

If you don’t take good care of your HVAC units, such as your furnace or your air conditioning systems, they will begin to deteriorate much faster. Regular serving servicing extends the life of your air conditioner or your furnace, in addition to making them operate better during their peak season of use. Without regular servicing, there are a number of components of any of your HVAC systems which can become worn out faster, or which can fail altogether without being noticed.Seasonal maintenance is by far your best option for detecting any kind of worn parts and for keeping all elements of your HVAC system running at their very best. The alternative for not providing regular service to your HVAC units, is that it becomes much more likely that you will experience a major breakdown at some point. When this happens, there could be potentially major discomfort for the members of your family, and it might also cost you a considerable amount of money to repair any damage, or to have the unit completely replaced.

Chad Love Service Has All Your HVAC Services Covered

Don’t delay in getting your Charlotte air conditioning system serviced, so that you can look forward to a worry-free summer from your HVAC systems. Contact Chad Love Services online or give us a call today, for prompt service anywhere in the region around Charlotte, NC or Concord, NC, and you’ll then have peace of mind for the upcoming warm season.

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