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The Most Common Home Electrical Problems

Electrical problems can seem intimidating but they’re actually pretty common and many of them are easy to fix. Here’s what you need to know to recognize an electrical problem, troubleshoot an issue, and decide whether or not to bring in a professional electrician in Charlotte, NC to help.

Circuit Breaker or Fuse Problems

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If you keep blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers, it’s time to do a little testing. First, isolate the circuit that has problems. (If your problems are scattered throughout your circuit breaker or fuse box, it’s time to call an electrician in Charlotte.)

Next, figure out which appliances are on the circuit. Test each one to see if it is causing the
problems. If the system always trips with the same appliances, the problem lies in the appliance.
If the problem occurs without the appliance or randomly, bring in a pro to figure out what went

Lights Flicker or Burn Out

If your light bulbs burn out regularly, make sure that they are the right wattage for the light and
that there’s nothing that would provide insulation that is close to the light. If they still burn out all
the time, call a professional.

Lights that flicker or dim can indicate a poor connection or an overloaded circuit. Either way,
you’ll need a professional Charlotte electrician help to fix the issue.

Get Electrical Repair in Charlotte, NC

Our Charlotte electricians at Chad Love Services would be happy to help you out, no matter what is going on with your electricity at home. Call us today to get the answers and the solutions that you need. We’re the electricians in Charlotte, NC you can rely on to repair your home electricity in Charlotte and the surrounding areas fast!

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