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Why You Should Consider Duct Sealing

Did you know that sealing your ducts doesn’t have to be a days-long process that involves tearing your house apart? At Chad Love Services, we can seal the holes and cracks in your ducts over the course of just a couple of hours. If you’re interested in learning more about this process, read about some of the benefits of duct sealing service below!

Benefits of Duct Sealing

Duct sealing has multiple benefits. When you put these together, they can help improve your quality of living.

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  • Improved indoor air quality. Inside can be a bad place for someone who has allergies. After all, pollen and dust are prevalent here and they can collect in your ducts. Then, they spread around your house every time the heating and air conditioning blow. When you invest in duct leak sealing in Charlotte, you close up the holes where these can enter your system. This process can alleviate indoor symptoms and improve air quality for everyone inside.
  • Lower energy usage. When your ducts have holes and cracks, your comfort systems have to work extra hard to pump air into your home because so much is escaping. You end up using a lot more energy than you need to just to heat and cool your house! Fill in these cracks with duct sealing in Charlotte and you won’t have to use as much energy.
  • Lower energy bills. When you’re not using as much energy, you won’t have to pay as much in energy costs. Some homeowners are shocked at how much they save. We’ll assess your leakage before we do duct sealing in Charlotte, so you’ll know about how much you can plan on saving.
  • Less strain on your heating and cooling systems. When your heating and cooling systems are losing so much hot and cold air through your ducts, they’ll have to work harder than they should to keep you comfortable. This can strain the systems and cause them not to last as long as they otherwise might have. Reduce this strain when you invest in duct sealing.

Our Duct Sealing Process

The duct sealing is straightforward. We’ll come out and test your ducts for leaks, then explain what we’ve found and how we can help. We’ll close off your duct system, then pump in a polymer that will bind to the edges of the holes and cracks to seal them up and make the system airtight. Then we’ll leave you to enjoy your comfortable home!

Call for Duct Services in Charlotte

Call us at Chad Love Services today if you are interesting in getting duct services in Charlotte or the surrounding areas! We offer expert duct sealing and air duct cleaning in Charlotte. Our North Carolina HVAC masters will get to you soon so you can save money, stay comfortable, and breathe better at home!

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