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Why You Should Upgrade to a Wi-Fi Thermostat

If you are like most people, you know there are a number of home upgrades you could consider at any moment. Some home upgrades are more for aesthetic value, some offer increased functionality and purpose, while others provide more efficiency in energy savings.

While there are many home upgrades that offer some benefits, one of the most effective enhancements you might consider for your household is to upgrade to a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat.

Wi-Fi Thermostats are Simple & User Friendly

These amazing products are simple, intuitive and easy to use. The touchscreen interface allows you to manage everything effortlessly and intuitively. You’ll quickly learn how to control everything from a mobile device or tablet.  No more “surprises” when you get home from work or from a long trip…you’ll always have access to control your temperature from anywhere!

You’ll be able to establish set schedules for your household temperature, so that you have the climate control running like clockwork. If the Charlotte sun is sweltering outside, you can set your home temperature to be cool and refreshing…with a few simple clicks.

Some of the more advanced Wi-Fi thermostats allow you customize your background with things like family photos or your favorite artwork, giving you that extra element of personalization.

Save On Your Utility Bills

By controlling your temperature differently during different times of day, you can best utilize your programmable thermostat to increase your comfort and adapt to outside conditions….which helps to save you money each month!

What else could we say about that?

Extend The Life Of Your Heating and Cooling Systems

You can likely offset the upfront cost of a Wi-Fi thermostat by what you gain in extending the longevity of your heating and cooling systems.

By modifying your home temperatures during different times of day, you put less strain on your heating and cooling systems…which thereby is likely to extend their lifespans.

Service Reminders

There are also some very capable Wi-Fi thermostats which provide sophisticated diagnostic features, which can remind you when it’s time for system maintenance or service.  As much as we love it when you plan ahead with us, we also know that is not always realistic. As long as you pay attention to your Wi-Fi thermostat’s reminders…you’ll know when its time for service.

Altogether, a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat provides a number of benefits to your household, with minimal upfront cost.

If you have any questions or ideas relative to how a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat might benefit you, please give us a call anytime at (704) 793-1099 or contact Chad Love Services online!

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