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It’s almost time for spring cleaning, and the best place to begin might be with your HVAC

Springtime is a great time to look at your home to prepare it for the upcoming Air Conditioning
season. Summer heat can take a toll on our home air conditioner in the Charlotte area. When
temperatures begin to rise into the mid to upper 90’s the stress on your A/C System is at it’s
maximum level.

Here are 4 easy money savings tips to help you avoid unwanted A/C repair bills.

Change your air filter It may sound like a simple item, but you would be surprised to know that
70% of the home we go to on a given day has dirty air filters. What does this do to your cooling
system? It first of all limits the amount of airflow your system can move across your evaporator
coil causing a restricted airflow situation that can cause an air conditioner to freeze up. It also
places unnecessary stress on your indoor blower motor and other blower components. The third
and most critical part is that if your system is allowed to freeze up the A/C compressor may
begin to overheat internally causing premature compressor failure. Air filtration also plays an
important role in the amount allergens and dust that are present in your home. There are alot of
factors that impact your air quality, but if you use a minimum Merv 11 filter you can eliminate a
large portion of the larger particles. If you suffer from allergies, then filtration needs to be
address with high grade filters at the system and also air purification. We do free air quality
assessments for any client that is concerned about the quality of air they are breathing.

Clear Debris from around your Air Conditioner. You air conditioner is many times out of site
and out of mind. It can be tucked away on the back of the house never seen until the dreaded
A/C breakdown happens. It would surprise you at how many homes we go to and as we walk
around to the air conditioner we find that the system is covered with vines bushes and leaves.
This also does not sound like a huge problem, but if left unattended can turn into major repairs
that are needed to the air conditioning system. The outdoor system works at it’s best efficiency
when all the louvers on the outdoor unit and outdoor fan or unimpeded buy debris. This is quite
a simple fix as just 2 cutaway any vines or bushes from around your air conditioning system.
The manufacturers recommend you would have at least 12-24 inches of clearance around the
air conditioner on each side.

Change the rotation on your ceiling fans . The rotation of your ceiling fans will help your home
utilize the air conditioning system more effectively. Cold air from your air conditioner by default
will over closer to the floor. Because we always learned that cold air Falls and hot air rises. Your
ceiling fan will have a small typically black switch on the side of the ceiling fan that will go up or
down. The rotation of your ceiling fan should be in a counterclockwise rotation. This will allow for
the cool air to circulate up into the living space and allow for more even temperature in your
home. You will notice it more as the summer gets warmer because the system is running in
longer periods of time this will allow for the system to operate at its peak efficiency and also
even out the temperatures in your home.

Preventive A/C Maintenance The last, but most important part of getting your system ready for
summer is having a skilled expert test all of your system operation prior to summer coming. I
speak with many clients that are unsure if they need routine maintenance on their air
conditioner. The answer is a resounding yes. I will give you small fact that should shed some
light on how important regular service is in the life of an air conditioner. 90% of all of our
emergency level Air Conditioning calls in the summer months are systems that do not have any
routine maintenance performed by an industry expert. At Chad Love Services we perform
1000’s of A/C tune ups each year and save clients 1000’s of dollars in A/C repairs by catching
small problems before they become larger ones. Our 20+ point inspection of your system will
ensure that your system runs great and cools your family when the temperature outside
becomes unbearable. We are so sure of our experts ability to tune-up
your system that we offer a money back guarantee on the tune up, if your system fails during
the summer.

If you have any questions about our VIP Maintenance Plan or our Amazing A/C Tune-up please
call us at 704-793-1099 or email us at

Have a better than great day!

Your Hometown Air Conditioning Hero
Chad Love

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