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Safety Tips For Crawl Spaces

A crawl space in need of encapsulation

The crawl spaces of properties can be hazardous areas if not secured right or cleaned out properly. These areas harbor contaminants and particles like dust, mold, and more, and it’s recommended that you have your crawl space either renovated or encapsulated if this is the case.

But before you take on a serious job like this, make sure you understand the inherent risks and dangers of working in crawl spaces. Read our tips below for precautions to take and things to be aware of if you ever go up there. And if you do not feel comfortable handling things yourself, call in the professionals from Chad Love Services to get things taken care of in an expert manner.

Protect Your Lungs

If you are going to be entering the crawl space of a building, make sure to bring respiratory protection. Wear a mask to keep dirt, dust, and airborne contaminants from entering your body. If you can get a protective suit, that is even better.

Keep Crawl Spaces Dry

Avoid water damage, mold, and structural issues by keeping your crawl space in Concord dry. You can employ the use of wet/dry vacuums, sump pumps, or dehumidifiers to help with moisture and dampness issues. Fans should not be used in crawl spaces because they can spread contaminants around and make them go airborne.

Watch For Structural Issues

Crawl spaces are often unfinished areas of a property that are in tight quarters and have exposed wood, beams, and other parts of the structure. Because crawl spaces can get damp, some areas might weaken or cave in. Be careful as you navigate your way around and bring a flashlight for extra brightness in the dark corners and spaces.

Hire An OSHA-Certified Team

If you are too nervous to handle crawl space problems yourself, a professional contractor from Chad Love Services can come out and take care of things. We do crawl space encapsulation, cleanings, and more, and you can have confidence in our experts because they are extensively trained on all protocols from the Occupational Safety and Hazard Act. Our staff has specialized tools and equipment to get things handled in a safe and secure way.

If you need to have work done in your property’s crawl space area, make sure things are done in a safe and proper manner. These spaces tend to be dark, damp, and full of possible hazards. Follow the tips outlined above or reach out to our team to get your worries handled!

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