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How To Use A Crawl Space

An under home crawl space in Concord

Not all people are familiar with crawl spaces, as not all properties have them. Data shows that only about 15% of homes have this type of foundation, while other structures use basements (both partial and finished) and cinderblock foundations to support the building.

While the reason that crawl spaces are added to properties is usually because of a structural need for them, there are a few things that homeowners can do to best utilize this extra space. There are also a few things that they should avoid.

Building Houses Near Flooding Areas

When building properties near flood zones or earthquake-prone areas, basements are not a smart idea. You don’t want the bottom level of the home to fill with water, sewage, or sustain damage that causes the entire building to collapse. In these geographical locations, many builders decide to build the house on a crawl space. This still allows for a barrier between the home and the ground but eliminates these risks.

For Access to HVAC, Electrical, & Plumbing

Because crawl spaces are open, unfinished spaces located underneath the home, they are often a great place to store HVAC equipment, plumbing components, and electrical wiring. Down here, they are out of sight but also easy to access once down there. A professional won’t have to cut holes in walls or flooring like they may inside the home.

Only Store Weather & Bug Resistant Items

Because crawl spaces typically have a few feet of open area underneath the property, many people view them as basements of sorts. However, because most of them are not conditioned with vapor barriers, these can become very damp and humid areas. It is not smart to store any valuables down here because the atmosphere can ruin them.

Bugs also love these dark and wet spaces that are close to the ground. For this reason too, we never recommend putting your items in a crawl space. The only things that should be down there are outdoor items and weather-resistant products.

Reach out to us for more information about crawl spaces. If you have questions about how to best utilize yours, our team at Chad Love Services is here to help. If you’re interested in crawl space encapsulation in Charlotte or Concord, contact us today!

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