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Boilers vs. Furnaces: Which is Best For You?

Are you installing a new heating system in Concord, NC and you want to make sure you get the best one for your needs? Maybe you are building a new house or you have to redo the heating systems from the ground up for other reasons. At Chad Love Services, we can help you decide which type of heating is best for your needs. Here are the basics on boilers vs. furnaces. If you have further questions or you want to schedule your installation, contact us today!

How They Work

Boilers and furnaces work differently. Furnaces pull in air from outside, heat it, then blow it into your home via a duct system. Most boilers heat water, then pump that water or the steam that comes off it into radiators, radiant flooring, or other, similar systems in your home. Boilers can also be used as hot water heaters, so you may be able to handle two important home needs through one appliance. 

Maintenance Differences

Furnaces usually need yearly maintenance, as well as regular filter changes, to function optimally and to last for a long time. Boilers, on the other hand, need a quick check every year but usually don’t have any other maintenance requirements. 

Other Furnace Pros and Cons

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Furnaces usually cost less to install and have a faster installation time than a boiler does. Since furnaces don’t rely on heating water, they won’t cause a flood if they malfunction and there’s no risk that they will freeze in the winter. 

On the other hand, furnaces often create a drafty, dry indoor environment because the warm air must be blown into the house via the ducts. They can also contribute to poor indoor air quality and allergies/asthma symptoms. 

Other Boiler Pros and Cons

Boilers are more energy efficient than furnaces, so they cost less to run. They aren’t as loud as furnaces can be and the warm air they offer is more comfortable because it isn’t being blown around the house. Since boilers don’t require ductwork, they are perfect in homes where that isn’t an option. 

However, boilers can be costly to install and there is always the risk of flooding and freezing, since hot water is involved. 

Concord’s Heating Pro’s

Choosing the right heating system for your home involves careful research and planning. Contact us today at Chad Love Services and we’ll help you get the perfect new heating system for your home. Whether you need boiler installation, or furnace replacement in Concord our heating team can help you choose the best one and install it so you know everything is working as it should. Give us a call today!

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