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The Charlotte Air Conditioning & Heating Company Locals Trust

At Chad Love Services, our Charlotte air conditioning and heating contractors live and work in the Charlotte area, which gives us the opportunity to serve our customers with excellence. We know what it is like to live in a beautiful area and how important it is to be comfortable indoors with a reliable heating and cooling system and good air cleaning equipment. But often, we have air conditioning and heating systems that need attention.

A seasonal tune up will ensure your heating and cooling equipment is in top condition and properly kept clean. Regular heating and air conditioning repairs in Charlotte, along with the tune up, helps us save the most on energy consumption and makes our heating and cooling systems last longer. Want to learn more about the HVAC services Chad Love Services provides, and how we can help you saving money on your heating and air conditioning costs with our preventative maitnenance plans? Call our Charlotte air conditioning and heating contractors today!

Charlotte Air Cleaners

If you are a property owner in Charlotte, you understand how great it is to have clean, purified air to breathe in every day. But sometimes, especially in older homes, the air we breathe indoors is more toxic than the air outside. This is a fact.

If you’re Charlotte air conditioning and heating system has not had a technician give it the attention it needs, you may wind up having to deal with polluted air circulating around your home daily.

Seasonal Heating & Air Conditioning Tune Ups in Charlotte

Mold, mildew, and bacteria can grow in dirty places like inside your HVAC system. It’s important to have them serviced with a seasonal tuneup for not only mechanical reasons for cleaning reasons to remain healthy in the air you breathe. Our Charlotte indoor air quality specialists can help you with the following:

  •  Air Cleaners
  •  Air Purification Systems
  •  Smart air cleaners & humidifiers
  •  Whole home air cleaners
  •  Automatic humidifier/dehumidifier

Heating Repairs in Charlotte, NC

When your heating system is working as it should, your home should be warm and comfortable. Your Charlotte heating system should serve you with sufficient heat to warms all areas of your home. The heater should never keep running, but should turn on and then off when the temperature when the thermostat detects that the correct temperature setting achieved.

If you have trouble with lukewarm air blowing through your ventilation system or if your heating equipment continually runs, it’s time to have your furnace or heat pump diagnosed and repaired. Sometimes it is an issue with this equipment, but there are other things that can need to be fixed. At Chad Love Services our heating contractors provide reliable heating repairs in Charlotte, NC at affordable pricing. Call today to learn more.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs for Charlotte

When you think there is an issue with your air conditioning system, it’s wise to call in an experienced Charlotte air conditioning contractor to diagnose the problem. At Chad Love Services, we are the team you can trust for quality AC service in Charlotte, NC. We are a reliable team of professional, licensed contractors available for emergency heating and air conditioning repairs in Charlotte anytime.

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Still looking for a reliable heating or cooling HVAC company? Give Chad Love Services a call at (704) 793-1099 and experience Charlotte’s most trusted HVAC experts! We are proud to serve Charlotte North Carolina and can dispatch a heating & cooling technician at your convenience.

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